My purpose as a designer

This project was born with the idea of ​​integrating design and sustainability, while trying to raise awareness about the impact of the internet on the environment, a world unknown to many.

We are used to searching, sharing, uploading and downloading photos, videos and other content from the internet, thinking that since it is not something physical, it cannot be bad. If everything is digital, you don't waste paper, there are no materials involved... what harm can it do?

Far from reality, the internet is compared to the aviation industry in terms of pollution. Due to its large consumption of electricity, both to feed, cool and maintain the servers where the web pages, emails, photos, etc. are hosted. as in powering screens and devices that we use physically. Most of this electricity is generated from fossil fuels.

Design is also an important part of making a more sustainable website. Therefore, I create attractive and functional websites using the necessary resources to reach your customers, minimizing the use of resources that consume more energy unnecessarily.

In addition, for each completed website, I will plant a tree with the "Reforesta" association, which promotes the recovery of vegetation and fights against desertification.

Did you know...?

The Internet produces more than 300 million tons of CO2 each year, a figure very similar to the aviation industry and which tends to increase. It uses 10% of global electricity, most of which comes from fossil fuels.

With my work, I want to contribute my grain of sand, and try to help the planet with each web page I design.

Planet electricity
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